Steven Bochco – Truth is a Total Defense

VideosIRLApr 3, 2018by Tracey Jackson

Barry Kibrick is a great interviewer.  This week in honor of the death of producer Steven Bochco Barry reposted an interview he did with Steven Bochco in 2016 when Bochco’s memoir Truth Is a Total Defense: My Fifty Years in Television was published.

For twenty- two years Kibrick has had his wonderful show Between the Lines on PBS. He is one of the last of a breed, someone who cares deeply about books and interviewing authors.

I can say, having been interviewed by Barry, he really digs deep and studies the books hard before sitting before his guests on camera. This interview with Steven Bochco is a great example of that.

“I hope the awesome power of television never turns its back on its responsibility to inform and enlighten, as well as entertain.”   Steven Bochco – On Between the Lines



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