The Cult Of Gaia

StyleApr 27, 2018by Tracey Jackson Comments

With summer on the horizon, I’m thinking new handbags.  Okay, I am always thinking new handbags. But warm weather yells out for something small, baskety and day to night: Especially if you are traveling.

Cult Gaia makes a great warm weather bag. It’s a little retro like you might have found it in a swell vintage shop if you can find one that’s hasn’t closed.  It’s a little Bridgette Bardot South of France in the sixties yet it’s a kind of modern and clean.

Think acrylic basket. Not cheesy, but chic. Heavy on the neutral palette though colors to choose from.

They make your jeans look warm weather appropriate but you can take it out in the evening. And it goes pretty dressy, like soft flowy floral fancy party kind of dressy, or black off the shoulder dress kind of dressy.

They also do a daytime basket number that looks like it can go from sand to land.

I got one in silver/grey. I love it.  It’s going with me to Florida in a few weeks.

Check em out. Affordable if you are just going to pick up one bag for summer that will take likely stay in your rotation for many summers to come.


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