Spring Finds

StyleMar 22, 2018by Tracey Jackson Comments

Who else is sick of their winter clothes?

We need a little color a little, lightness and maybe lean into a few trends.

Pink is in. Trench Coats – well did they ever go out?

This week I just love Madeline Weinrib’s Pom Pom Bag. They are made in Cartagena and it just puts a spring smile on my face.

I seem to be loving all blues. I guess I’m so sick of black!




Madeline Weinrib

They come in all sorts of other great colors too.

The two big trends, outside of lavender are pink and trench coats. This one is on sale at Banana Republic. 50% off while they last – as they say.


Banana Republic

White shoes are it. The item that will take last year’s look right into this year’s trend. Though tricky – too pointy & high you look like Stormy Daniels stand in – too low & chunky you look like a nurse. These Sam Edelman’s are a take on the popular Gucci loafer but come in at a shade over a 100 dollars as opposed to a shade under 800 dollars

Sam Edelman

My favorite color and my favorite new bag – Wandler Hortensia. This totally puts you in the spring mood and updates all last spring’s clothes.




If you don’t want to go pink, go baby blue. Boyy – making some of the new “it” bags that have the advantage of not leaving you with a painful shoulder.



BOYY BAG Net a Porter

I tried this on yesterday.  They didn’t have my size. But I thought boy if you’re into booties the way I am, this is the perfect spring boot! It also has a little crown on the heel, which I find super cute.


Churches Boot