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I know I am swimming upstream against the fashion tide here, as at the moment Logos rule.  But, I am so sick of giant G’s crusted in crystals and GUCCI written in humongous letters on everything. And if that were not offensive enough people then make the really wrong fashion move and they mix things up like they wear a Chanel bag with the C’s with a Gucci sweater with G’s and some item with Balenciaga splashed all over it. And then everyone has the furry slippers with the horse bits and if they don’t have those they have Givenchy scribbled on some part of their clothing.

OK, before anyone calls me out yes, I have a recent red carpet shot from MusicCares where I am wearing a Balenciaga skirt with writing, but I covered most of it with a sweater.

A little logo goes a long way. And while it can be chic to have a little something sometimes,  I think we may have reached the logo tipping point.

I don’t care if you buy it on the street or in a boutique, and much of the time it takes real pros to tell the difference and even they get fooled.

But we just need to pull it back a bit. We were not meant to dress like billboards for overpriced fashion houses.

Clearly, the Millenials do not agree as Gucci sales were up 45% in the last quarter and 85% of that was driven by Millenials.

Forgetting the Balenciaga skirt where I can cover the writing, I am very much in the less is more,  carry an unidentifiable label these days.

And there are some great ones out there.  We can give credit to Mansur Gavriel who convinced us all that chic need not be a billboard with their first clean modern tote bags, followed by their bucket bags that became the must-have item. And they are still turning out super chic products that do not shout anything but we are pretty, functional and well made.

A company out of Amsterdam called Wandler is crushing it. Every time I carry my Wandler bag people stop me.  They are new. I hope they don’t get overhyped, but I am in love with them.

And there is a company out of San Francisco that has gotten some attention of late Sanreve.  They pride themselves on making the perfect bag for the woman who does it all. It can hold your iPad, a baby bottle and all your junk in a streamlined bag with a plethora of pockets.

I’m no fool logos are not going to go away just because I am sick of them. And the first big fashion purchase of my life was a GG Gucci bag, but hopefully with age comes some wisdom, and that wisdom is telling me, tone it down every now and then and let the bag speak for itself.




Wandler Mini Hortensia Photo Wandler Instagram

Wandler Mini Hortensia

Photo @wandler

Wandler Hortensia photo from Wandler Instagram

Wandler Large Hortensia

photo @wandler

Mansur Gavriel Spring 2018

photo @mansurgavriel

Sanreve’s Three Main Bags,

Blush Doctor/Creme Maestra/Mimosa Storm Crossbody




This is by Nico Giani

Good price point. At Net A Porter


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