Diana Ross Owns Yellow – But You Can Wear It Too

StyleMay 17, 2018by Tracey Jackson Comments

Despite “Retail Armeggedon” new fads still surface and suddenly appear everywhere.  If you haven’t noticed Yellow is back. It’s one those colors people have a hard time with. It’s not pink. Pink is like denim or red, it’s here to stay. But yellow comes in one year – then disappears for like five and then – it’s back.

One of the biggest problems with yellow is almost no one looks good in it. It’s super appealing, especially after a long grey winter.  But it’s not pink. Most anyone can wear pink, young, old, any color skin. But yellow – meh.

When I think of yellow I think of Diana Ross, she really rocks yellow. Yellow looks great if you have dark or olive skin.  Yellow sucks if you are pale and add blonde on to that and you look like a walking banana.

But, there remains something appealing about a splash of sunshine. It’s a happy color. There is a handbag in the window in a store on my street that winks at me every day when I walk by.

But I figured it out, if you are not tall, dark and willowy, or super tan and Mediterranian you can wear yellow, just not near your face. No shirts, dresses or scarves. That is the sun kiss of death.

But a bit of yellow on your feet, with a great pedicure – go for it. A swingy yellow tote to toss everything in and take with you all summer works for me.  And if you wear something super simple and neutral on top, you can pull off a yellow skirt.

It’s summer – let the sunshine in – just not near your face.


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