Finding Your Signature Wardrobe

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And why it’s probably already in your closet 

Here’s the thing about minimalism: the word itself is scary. It effectively puts us on the defensive, and we instinctively equate it with having fewer options (or worse, nothing to wear). It implies that we’re giving things up, we’re making sacrifices, that we’re losing the privilege of indulgence. But somewhere along the line, we’ve all asked ourselves if there’s really something to this sweeping trend. At the very least, it has intrigued us and piqued our interests – even insofar as seeing it in the inevitable and unavoidable slew of daily emails and top headlines that we’ve been subjected to for the past three-odd years.

Truth be told, minimalism isn’t restricted to the fact that you will secure a less cramped closet. The space-saving is just the bonus. The beauty of minimalism is that, if we’re being totally and completely honest with ourselves, we crave the structure of it. Your core closet, and thus your truest self, probably already lives within the padded extra layers of your wardrobe. And because you’re not already admitting this part to yourself, let us help you: on any given day, you are probably reaching for the same basic items. These are your comfort items. These are the items that make you look your best.

And what’s true about looking your best is its direct correlation with feeling your best. Finding your signature wardrobe isn’t a dramatic quest because it currently occupies your closet. Minimalism becomes less about having less and more about paring back to the essential items that make you, you.

So, how do you do it? We’re so glad you asked.  

  1. Watch yourself for a week.
  2. Each morning, observe what you instinctively reach for.
  3. Make a note of what you wear each day.

Some consistencies will likely begin to reveal themselves by day three. But as the week progresses, you’ll start to fully understand what items you gravitate towards most. Your look might start to look something like a white blouse and jeans with Gucci mules. Or, maybe it’s a James Perse t-shirt, skinnies and a blazer. This is your uniform. Love it. Respect it. Own it, and never be afraid to fully commit to it. Gradually, you’ll feel empowered to eliminate the distractions in your closet and stick to what you know and love.

By refuting the more-is-more philosophy and capitalizing on the less-is-more approach, you gain a better sense of yourself and a considerable amount of time. If you’re buying into what we’re saying, then your mornings might start to look a little different, and you’ll almost certainly begin to save a considerable amount of time. Instead of feeling overwhelmed by too many options and finally, inevitably, landing on some variation of what you wore for the past three days, you’ll instead have options that you instinctively know, with confidence, work. And listen, that winning jeans-white tee-blazer combo may be your signature look, but that doesn’t mean you have to deprive yourself of the latest trend that complements it. (Like, say, that bag you’ve been eyeing on Net-a-Porter.)








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