Family & Children’s Services Women in Recovery

Giving BackJan 29, 2018by Tracey Jackson Comments

While we love to try, recommend and often incorporate new products into our beauty regimes, we don’t believe in hoarding. We think recycling and repurposing and passing on to those in need is vitally important.

There is no way we can use all the things we will try once and recommend to our readers. So, many things will be used once, sterilized and passed on to those who can enjoy them.

Feeling good about yourself is both an inside and an outside job! The better you look the better you feel, the better you feel, chances are the better you perform in the world.

We get great pleasure in making beauty bags and sending them to a wonderful group in Tulsa called Family & Children’s Services Women in Recovery.

Balance and Beam is all about women and Oklahoma has the highest female incarceration rate in the country. These women can use some TLC and pampering.

Women in Recovery (WIR) is one of 50 Family & Children’s Services programs. WIR is an intensive outpatient alternative for eligible women facing long prison sentences for drug-related offenses. Operated in partnership with the George Kaiser Family Foundation, WIR works closely with the criminal justice system and various community partners to ensure program participants receive supervision, substance abuse and mental health treatment, education, workforce readiness training and family reunification services.

Family & Children’s Services, the largest behavioral health non-profit organization in Oklahoma, works to heal hurting and abused children, strengthen families, and provide hope and path to recovery for those dealing with serious mental illness and addiction. For nearly a century, we have been the place to turn for help with problems that seem too overwhelming to handle alone.