balance and beam by Tracey Jackson

Once you achieve balance you will beam yourself into the world.

Balance and Beam is dedicated to women who are forty and over. We are here to address the hard issues as well as the frivolous. From fashion and beauty to giving back, dealing with ageism and how to take the plunge into that next career. Everybody focuses on who we are going to be from fifteen – forty: but there are no real roadmaps from forty on. We believe balance is the key: without balance, one cannot move forward. We know that once you achieve balance you will beam yourself into the world and find that sweet spot of living your days the way you want to with purpose, pleasure, and perseverance.

Photo: Jennifer Rosenblum


Balance and Beam founder Tracey Jackson is a reminder that we can be many things in one lifetime.

Recently labeled a “Thought Leader” by Oprah, she went from being an actress, the one thing in life she was the most prepared for and the one she truly failed at, to being a successful screenwriter with a twenty- year career writing movies like The Guru and Confessions of Shopaholic among many, many others.

At fifty, she found herself aged out of Hollywood, so she pivoted and became a documentary filmmaker, producing, writing, directing and starring in the acclaimed documentary Lucky Ducks.   She then pivoted again and wrote her first book, Between a Rock and A Hot Place: Why Fifty is Not the New Thirty. Along with Academy Award-winning songwriter Paul Williams, yes, that Paul Williams, she wrote her second book, New York Times Bestseller Gratitude and Trust: Six Affirmations That Will Save Your Life. That led to Tracey and Paul starting their own podcast for Podcastone as well as speaking engagements throughout the country.

Tracey has appeared on Super Soul Sunday with Oprah, The Today Show, Good Morning America, CNN, and The Talk among others.

She feels blessed to be included in Oprah’s new book The Wisdom of Sundays and its companion The Wisdom Journal alongside the great thought leaders of the world.

Balance and Beam is the culmination of all of Tracey’s work. Through this new platform, Tracey is reaching out to her community to help women over forty balance and wrangle their needs, desires, conflicts, and dreams so they can live the most productive, peaceful and purposeful third act.

Tracey lives in New York with her husband and is the mother of two daughters. One is about to get married and one is off to college next year.

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